How can Splash Adelaide help?

Splash Adelaide throws away the rule book. It is a program that tests and trials creative solutions, ideas and projects in response to challenges and opportunities our city faces.

Splash Adelaide connects people and supports the community to bring their ideas to life, with support ranging from marketing assistance and furniture hire through to road closures, parking controls, permit approvals, permission to use spaces and much more.

What is the purpose of Splash Adelaide?

  1. Foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism
  2. Challenge bureaucracy, identify unnecessary barriers and streamline processes
  3. Engage and enable the community to deliver project in the city
  4. Change perceptions of the city and the way in which the community works with us
  5. Facilitate growth in creative business and industries.

What are the underlying principles of the Splash Adelaide program?

Splash Adelaide is:

A purposeful disruptor: An outcome driven program that challenges the status quo and changes the way the city is used and perceived. Splash Adelaide trials new ideas temporarily to find permanent solutions to challenges the city faces and identify how best to leverage from new opportunities and emerging trends. Splash Adelaide will enable the delivery of quality projects based on different themes, locations and/or timing to deliver specific outcomes for the city, including the activation of main streets, under-utilised spaces and priority areas.

Agile: A light, flexible and fearless program that can change direction as needed to respond to various challenges and opportunities as they arise. The program will not be guided by restrictive policies, guidelines processes or lengthy approval times but will look to reduce red tape, simplify processes and make it easier to test new ideas, deliver activation in the city and run creative businesses. Community ideas and collaborations will be considered all year round. To achieve this, Council delegates all authority to the CEO.

Community-led: Splash Adelaide invites the community to trial ideas or projects that respond to the challenges the city is facing to deliver long term outcomes for the city. Collaborating, building connections and supporting innovative partnerships with and amongst the creative community, industry, entrepreneurs, businesses, building owners, the education sector and cultural organisations will be key to the program's success.

How can I get involved?

If you have a creative idea or project you would love to try or see in the city, send it through to us! You can share your ideas for the city and North Adelaide with us all year round online. Alternatively, you can come and have a chat with us at the Splash Adelaide Ideas Hub as we make our way around the city

There will also be times when we invite you to share ideas that will help us deliver on specific outcomes for the city or to help us overcome a key city challenge. These call-outs will be promoted via our Splash Adelaide social media and other digital channels, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up to our mailing list today so you're up to date with all that's happening.

Is Splash Adelaide a grants program?

No, Splash Adelaide is a program that helps bring your ideas for the city to life. It is a program that responds to city challenges and opportunities by working alongside and enabling the community to develop and deliver creative solutions to enhance the city experience.

I am receiving a grant from another City of Adelaide program. Can I still send through my ideas to Splash Adelaide?

Yes. As long as the project or idea you would like us to consider is not the same project you are receiving the grant for.

Can I collaborate with an existing business, new business, cultural organisation and/or community group on my project?

Yes, we encourage collaborations that are mutually beneficial to a variety of stakeholders.

What happens after I share my idea with you?

The Splash Adelaide team will touch base to discuss your idea with you. Priority will be given to self-funded projects that deliver on key outcomes we are trying to achieve in the city.