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Splash Adelaide is a program that supports the community to test and trial creative ideas and projects in response to the challenges and opportunities our city is facing.

The development and delivery of pilot projects is one way Splash Adelaide will collaborate with the community to help bring their ideas and projects to life. A pilot project to activate mainstreets including O’Connell Street, Melbourne Street and Hutt Street, will be one of the first pilot projects to kick off.

The community will also be invited and supported to deliver their own ideas and projects in the city. Community-led ideas that speak to city challenges and opportunities will be accepted throughout the year. There will also be times when Splash Adelaide will invite community-led ideas to deliver on various themes or outcomes for the city. 

A key “City Challenge” will also be identified in collaboration with the community and key stakeholders. Ideas and projects tested and trialled to tackle this challenge will be led by the community’s know how and expertise. Stay tuned to find out more!




Splash Adelaide will collaborate with the community to enable the delivery of pilot projects across the City and North Adelaide.



Community led ideas and projects that focus on the delivery of key outcomes for the city will be invited throughout the year.



A key 'City Challenge’ will be identified and tackled together as a community. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to make sure you’re on top of all the details as they come through!

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It’s your city Adelaide, so come share your ideas with us, tell us what you would love to see, be a part of, or even deliver in the city and North Adelaide.

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"Splash Adelaide removes barriers and encourages people with ideas. It provides a great platform to spread the word about your event and also reduces the all-important cost of elements that might have prevented a first time event from breaking even."

Amanda James-Pritchard (Kooki) and Louise Radman (Radpublic), #EastEndWineDown